Digital overload proves 'less is more'

10th January 2023

It is sometimes important to understand that ‘space’ or ‘air’ between the customer and the retailer or business is important. Having been bombarded with requests for market research on how satisfied or dissatisfied I am you are left realising that the machine (AI, Algorithms) require data.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year

22nd December 2022

Happy Xmas to all! Of course, let’s not forget that Diwali happened in October and Chinese New Year is on January 22nd in 2023.

Likewise, many different faiths applaud different deities and ways of living all through the year. Linking all together has to be care and concern for our fellow humans and all living things on our planet.

Should Pharma be rewarding suppliers who re-use existing sites rather than building on precious Greenfield?

2nd December 2022

We all know there are many zoning reasons why pharma or chemistry manufacturers should be kept away from areas of habitation. In the past, the legislation may not have been in place to enforce zero discharge and emission legislation…

Another excellent CPHI in Frankfurt

10th November 2022

We hosted two very successful VIP events at the German Film Museum and the Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt. Both were wonderful evenings with opportunities for our clients and their customers to enjoy time together and create memories.

Brand Appraisal

24th August 2022

It’s all in the name?… Discuss
To an extent, indeed, a name will initially give you a country of origin or industry. It should be the best encapsulation of the brand. Keeping on top of the brand as times change and making sure it is aligned with basic honesty, respect and owning up to mistakes is half the battle.

500ml Stainless Steel Bottles - Eden Project

16th August 2022

IF’s relationship with the Eden Project continues to flourish with our range of sustainable products for retail. Our latest sustainable products delivered to Eden Project are the
Re-usable 500ml Bottles made from Stainless Steel.

Children’s RPET Lunch Bags & Stainless Steel Bottles

4th August 2022

IF’s relationship with the Eden Project continues to flourish with our range of sustainable products for retail. Our latest sustainable products delivered to Eden Project are the Children’s Lunch Bag made from RPET material & Stainless Steel Bottles.

Wakey wakey world!

22nd July 2022

Much more work is to be done globally to halt climate change and rampant exploitation of the natural world, yet we are only scratching the surface. Read how at IF we’re teaming up with brands & taking small steps together toward a brighter future!

PLASTIC FREE JULY, let's all be a part of the solution!

6th July 2022

PLASTIC FREE JULY” encourages everyone to change their habits and reduce plastic waste. Read more about how we, at Imaginarium Future are playing our part.

Jinja Educational trust charity event in the heart of London

15th June 2022

We are excited to be attending and supporting the Jinja Educational Trust (JET) in their charity event in the heart of London.

Our continued relationship with The Eden Project in Cornwall

23rd May 2022

Our relationship with the Eden Project continues to flourish over the last 4 years with the range of sustainable products we supply for retail extending each year to meet retail demand.

The Queen's 70th Platinum Jubilee

10th May 2022

The upcoming Queen’s 70th Platinum jubilee reminds us we need stability, even more, today than at any other time. The ever-changing pace of change in the world gives you the feeling that the individual is subsumed in events which are shaping the destruction of our planet.

Earth Day 2022

22nd April 2022

Having this day raises awareness of the plight of the planet we live on. We have designed offices which will use one third the electricity of our previous office. Read more on what else we are doing at IF to play our part.

Clonz Bio New Website & Logo

12th April 2022

We were recommended to Clonz Bio by one of our existing clients to help them with a new logo and website. Our experience in the Pharma industry enabled us to help develop the new logo and website in a quick turnaround time.