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Saracens - The story of the flags

7th December 2023

We worked closely with the rugby club Saracens over the years, helping develop new ideas, helping supply products and we contributed off the pitch with our strategic support. We came up with the concept of the story of the flag.

It’s always been all about the fans. About getting more people engaged against a backdrop of helping the players.

It all started in Northampton, Franklins Gardens when Saracens had lost and we saw a Saracens flag in the gutter. It made us consider a new approach.
The flag is an extremely important way that a supporter can show their appreciation for the team. It’s also something over the years that has been used as a way for people to get behind a shared purpose.

Making the flag a product worth keeping that is contrary to a throwaway product. We knew that we wanted to encourage new fans and convince existing fans that we had an exciting future.

The use of medieval heraldry in the flag imagery helped capture the qualities of the individual positions in the squad giving the personal identity for the fans and players to relate to.

Each position was allotted a persona that vividly portrayed their particular traits. The scrum-half has a very distinct character and very quickly became known as the MAESTRO due to the quick-witted behaviour that allows them to outthink and boss positions twice their size! The fly-half being a magician creating moves out of nowhere and controlling the game with a simple kick of the ball.

This formed a framework comparable to that of a chessboard thus allowing the creative to become highly dramatic. The emphasis was to have everyone in the squad playing a part, not just an individual.

Ultimately at its heart was the strength of the squad. As Brendan Venter, former director of rugby at Saracens said “ Teams win games, squads win championships.”

Consequently and in tandem, when we next went to a playoff semifinal game at Northampton, we organised an event called “the gathering”. It was a meeting of 500 people in the Northampton Saints car park, which were brought together with fans wearing tabards and carrying our new flags. This led to a procession which greeted the Saracens team bus, the home Saints fans were shocked by the support. Saracens went on to narrowly win the playoff semifinal that day. We believe that these things do make an impact.

This unique concept really made a difference and stands out even today against the idea that a flag just carries a name and colours. It helps sustainability credentials by making it a flag that fans value and want to keep for a long time.

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