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The Queen's 70th Platinum jubilee reminds us we need stability, even more, today than at any other time.

10th May 2022

The everchanging pace of change in the world gives you the feeling that the individual is subsumed in events which are shaping the destruction of our planet. Queen Elizabeth 2nd remains one of the few links with an age long past. No doubt the challenges of the second world war and a young Elizabeth surviving the blitz remained with many who made up that generation.

The merging of the business world and the individual are brought home even more with this recent covid 19 pandemic. Workspace and home space have in many instances become the same. The world has become smaller measured in time to destination and the scrutiny of everything physical on the planet with satellites and big data. The individual is, even more, a part of the dots that make up humanity just as the pixels make up any TV image.

You somehow cannot imagine that a DNA lineage like the Queen has is subject to the everyday. Yet the scrutiny of everyone in public office has grown like the proverbial tsunami or increasing severity of the weather. Disaster sits around every corner it appears for the great and the lowly individual. Social media can be decidedly anti-social.

Still, in the glorious perfection of the planet, you find decidedly blemished and imperfect mortals. Lone voices spell out the oblivion of whole species including humans and biodiversity under threat everywhere. A lot of the template for humankind was set in the British industrial revolution.

Still, you cannot think that the paradox of a privileged monarchy has anything to do with the plight of the planet?

Celebrating Elizabeth per se has in its background a lot of preservation of heritage and the environment. Elizabeth is the longest-serving monarch in British history. A woman at that on a planet where women have often not been treated as well as they should.

In this respect and many others, you have to fully applaud the 70 year reign of Elizabeth 2nd. Can anyone name any person who might have done this job any better? I doubt it. She stands out above the current crop of world politicians as a titan..or at least a superhuman amongst the also rans.

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