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Story Writing at Imaginarium Future

Everything around us has a story. Whether it’s a tree in the garden planted by somebody years ago or the sun in the sky burning hydrogen formed as part of the wider milky way galaxy. Fact and fiction blend over time to fill out our wider understanding of what the story was, is and what might be. All sophisticated branding relies in some way on a story that feeds into the look and image you want to portray. If you don’t have much brand differentiation you tend to lean very heavily on some tagline that projects the unwritten story. We should not undervalue these short-form slogans. The succinctness of a good tagline underpins so much advertising and is a great case of ‘less is more’.

Framed Artwork

Paintings & Stories Working in Harmony Together

The idea that you can automatically conjure up a story with some form of automatic ‘brain to hand’ writing can sometimes be the ultimate form of writing. The idea of organically painting pictures in a world to help description is akin to storyboard writing you see in films, so the script is storyboarded.

We sometimes might think the picture might be worth a thousand words. It might also be a picture that inspires a thousand words which help tell why that picture exists.

The Anita Trilogy

Aimed very much at the adolescent reader, this full-on adventure love story starts in Rajasthan in the 1520s just as the Mughal empire is being formed. Strong characters and mysticism fill out the landscape which is set around real historical events and characters. This is historical fiction, fantasy and the military strategy of elephants versus cavalry in warfare of the time.

Set over three books; Anita & the Elephant, Heart of War and Queens Fall. It is easy to see how the game of chess was invented in India when you experience the cut and thrust of the strategy which includes warring between the Hindi states while a full-scale invasion takes place.

Anita Trilogy
Patricia The Hippo at the Source of the Nile, Books 1-3 combined

Patricia the Hippo & Beth

A very topical story of biodiversity in central Africa. Here the animals are larger than life and they have human attributes. We find this modern-day parable also challenges the male hero stereotype and says that dangerous hippos can be fun. Bolt-on the fantasy of having a purple hippo and you get a story that tries to convince the reader not to commit the same mistakes as the humans in the story.

Elmo is now starting book 3 as an offshoot of the first 10 Patricia stories. Find out more at:

The Falconer Series

We have written the final chapters of this historical fantasy spanning 400 years. Aimed primarily at adults, it has built from the initial story set at the time of the Spanish armada in 1588.

As a complete departure from the previous stories, the pictures in these books are done by the author. The paintings play a massive part in telling the overall journey of Adam Falconer and Evelyn Morningstar.

The Falconer Series By David Jackson