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Jinja Educational Trust Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

14th June 2024

The high commissioner for Uganda thanked Sir Jon Symonds and Sue Symonds for their unfailing support of their JET charity which supports 2000 children from orphan to later middle school in the Jinja area of Uganda.

Our link with the charity is that we created the distinctive logo of the youthful hands against the background of three primary colours and the many rivers that course through the country which adjoins the northern shore of Lake Victoria. The palms of the hands are the outline of Uganda.

We had thought to create a 10th-anniversary logo with some epithet which said ‘commemorating ten years young’. As appropriate as that might have been, it has been used so many times in other places that it has devalued the currency.

Most importantly, the hands device has been used many times to convey friendship and individual creativity. The future prosperity of Uganda depends on a well-educated workforce. After 10 years of honing the JET support at various schools, Jon Symonds was confident that the model for success was now well known. In fact, JET is looking to expand the number of schools/orphanages it helps. To learn more about the charity visit:

If you want to see some of the artwork we created for the ‘Patricia, the hippo’ stories view