IF. The Imaginarium Future

These two small letters say it all. IF we did something different. IF we took a different action.

Imaginarium conjures up a solution that is creative and sustainable. Everything we do now has to have minimum impact on the planet. Our immersive approach to joining all the pieces together is not hamstrung by the digital solution for everything. We accept that humanity may be falling under the cloak of AI and the algorithm and intrusion… but do people like all this?… possibly not.

Simplicity and direct honesty in our communication have to be refreshing. IF services include brand identity, websites, ethical merchandise sourcing, story writing, special events and much more.

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Holi Festival

The Premier Creative Marketing Agency for Indian Pharma

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some enormous Pharma clients, developing an enviable reputation in the Indian pharma space over the last 20 years. Dr Reddy’s is the largest Pharma company in India, and both Sai and Neuland are rapidly growing.

Creating mission and vision statements through to value propositions and logos for use in high-impact internal and external communications. Aiding business development and increasing the awareness of our client’s diverse product offerings.

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Ethical & Sustainable Merchandise Sourcing

As world trade exploded in the 1990s, we found that more materials were being sourced from China. Stalwart industries where the ‘made in England’ or ‘made in Britain’ was subsumed under a welter of Chinese products.

It wasn’t a case of joining them or not joining them. It was a swing to mid-priced quality and an extension of the throw-away society. In a way, consumerism was an explosion. If you didn’t join you were not competitive and fell by the wayside.

Increasingly and rightly sustainability or damage limitation sourcing has come to the fore. If you had a well-known brand you needed efficient cost-effective sourced products made ethically and using materials that last a lifetime or are made from biodegradable materials. Testing also came to the forefront because several high-profile cheap products were badly sourced…normally in a rush with no appreciation of SOP, quality and the like.

Imaginarium Future has got a reputation for sourcing volume products, creativity and dealing with ethical manufacturing.

To an extent, we still have a heritage in this area but now 100% insist on a sustainable product that fits into many categories. Offsetting carbon and being mindful of the impact on climate change come before any discussion on what products we might supply.

Sustainable product sourcing at Imaginarium Future