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Communication key in chicken and egg pharma conundrum

20th December 2023

We have all seen that the pharma marketplace is very uneven currently. The steady march of Indian pharma while not entirely halted has now reached a necessary consolidation and thinning-out phase. External geopolitical headwinds have fuelled inflation in equipment and the wages of homegrown talent. At the same time increased digital/AI automation allied to home governments encouraging production of important strategic drug capability at home means innovation is even more rooted in large innovators.

Complex intermediates growth for patented innovation and the need for shifting the carbon problem abroad has emerged as an important area of growth outside traditional generic manufacturing. Multi-stage synthesis involving multi tonne key starting materials means there is a winning model for those who can handle volume and complexity.

Quality still shines through for collaborators when choosing service providers in CDMO or CRO. This is where marketing communication stands out even though a board of directors might prefer traditionally to invest in more tangible assets like equipment or land.

Put simply, IF your communication is not perfect you are missing out on an obvious cost-effective leading edge which helps bring new business. The company culture/ethos and how it deals with customers as well as its overall capability will be blunt rather than having a cutting edge.





Very simple questions that communication on your website should answer. In no particular order arranged here, you have the reason for the business’s unique selling proposition. It isn’t enough to crow on about being the best or seeking to become the customer’s first port of call for everything good. The customer is looking for an honest appraisal of capability with a track record of excellent service delivered against strategic timelines.

This is where IF comes into the mix. It isn’t enough to simply fill in the gaps or have a website with tens of thousands of hits. The more naive and unthinking the text the more potential customers will be deterred by unsubstantiated extraordinary claims.

IF your business is good enough and has a strategic direction there is every need to add the gloss of strategic marketing and creativity that explains externally and internally everything about it. Don’t compromise on communication and put some half effort in because if you do it will damage the image of the business. IF you do as we suggest and get clear professional messaging it will positively back up BD while giving a building block for competitive advantage.

In this chicken and egg story, you are always better to have the demand rather than excess capacity. So the reactor capacity or lab resource can be expanded against a backdrop of good communication with valued clients who will work with you to expand capability.

The relationship with all stakeholders is therefore strengthened immeasurably when you have clear creative communication. The nurturing of the message helps reinforce good business practice… IF you are good at what you do there is no point in not telling the world. IF you are not, there is every need to improve and keep on improving.


That is the IF communication message. We can tell the world but also give clues on how the internal team and external customers appreciate your unique business philosophy.

The chicken of excellent marketing communication can help lay the golden egg.

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