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Wakey wakey world!

22nd July 2022

There is much more work to be done globally to halt climate change and rampant exploitation of the natural world, yet we are only scratching the surface.

One gets the distinct feeling that the world is on the edge. Lunatic despots like Putin kill indiscriminately, the temp reminds everyone of climate change. The UK NHS cannot keep up with ambulance provision, and the threat of covid mutations stalks all. Inflation, Strikes, and delayed trains make our journey more difficult.

No matter where you look there is discontent.

Yet some humans keep pushing nature to the limit and taking short-term decisions rather than strategically protecting our natural resources. Leaders like Trump and Boris Johnson typified the blustering short term.

A world with fire, migration and food shortages will be a world from Dante’s inferno. It will be a world of greed rather than a world of David Attenborough.

Still, we have been helping with some small steps

Ragged life, a business revolving around the skill of rag rug making continues to spread a message about recycling materials to up-cycle materials to make umpteen different rag-based products. Now the message is transmitted globally. We are proud to have supported Ragged Life in various ways with sustainable solutions.

A recent JET event raised north of £150k for disadvantaged children in Uganda…Patricia the hippo created by us helped a bit.

Still one of our customers creates steam from biofuel. They invest in biodiversity at their site. In so many ways they bolt initiatives together to make a whole. We are putting together an event at the biggest natural history museum in Germany to promote their initiatives.

The Eden project spreads a message of hope. We supply bags and bottles ethically sourced and made from natural materials.

A visit to the Kielder Dark skies observatory shows that enlightened thinking still exists. Set in the Northumberland national park. The observatory is set in 33000 acres of pristine forest. They aim to educate.

A visit to Greek islands reveals trees thousands of years old, and myriad butterflies raised in fields not affected by overfarming. We hope to sponsor Olive trees in Greece.

We hope that we can work with you to bring about positive change. Sustainable solutions are the future… They have to be if we want a future.