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Environmental initiatives migrate from home to the workplace

2nd February 2024

In the new world of working from home or hybrid, small changes in your daily routine can SAVE MONEY and give you a better outcome.  An average sandwich, drink and snack can cost up to £6.00 daily, a £30.00 a week expense.  All the packaging for the drink, cellophane/cardboard/paper for a sandwich adds up to a lot of waste somebody has to remove regardless of the vendor sourcing ethically.

REUSING a drink container is better for the environment and your wallet.

We know that time is often under pressure in one’s busy life and simply things like eating and drinking at lunchtime or breakfast may not be planned.

We see drink as being easier to prepare than food…so here is a handy product that empowers you to fill it with your favourite hot/cold drink or even a soup.

Like as not, the savings on buying drinks from the local café/store means the product is paid for by the savings in a week or two.

This reusable attractive steel-coated bottle we call the FLIPPER bottle is robust and keeps a drink warm or cool for up to 24 hours. If you need a soup container the FLIP top screws off for easy pouring.  It’s the perfect bottle for home, work and leisure activities.

Food represents a bit more of a challenge because we accept that you need to pre-plan to make a sandwich. Still, if you can buy fruit in bulk and or pre-plan the cheese/ham/toppings you can see that you have the ability to SAVE MONEY and control the specific ingredients.

If you want a fully loaded chicken tandoori sandwich you can make it!

The lunch bags below represent two versions of a modern cooler bag solution for your daily commute/travels.

Planning your sustainable future can start at home with relatively inexpensive solutions and save you money. YOU JUST NEED TO DO IT.

Contact us today and let’s discuss sustainable products.