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Sugar Cane Bio Bottles

Recycling and upcycling are very important, but to improve our environmental future we need to use recyclable alternatives to plastics. With this in mind, we introduce our organic sports bio-bottle, made of sugar cane.

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IF a picture paints a thousand words...why can’t I paint you?

Those immortal words from the rock band, BREAD…. pose a conundrum. The reason might be that the author understood how complex humans are…or he simply couldn’t paint…but he did start with that very personal admission.

IF is a marketing agency working across several areas…in a services sense everything from design to scripting videos, running special events and helping with marketing strategy. We need to join all the dots including the ethical sourcing of collateral along with a 100% commitment to sustainability.

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Creative Marketing at IF

We help bring many ideas and campaigns to market, in all areas of business, and this has led to us dealing with some of the largest and most famous brands in the world. Our services range from website design through to exhibition booth design and build to bespoke VIP events. We work with Indian pharma companies such as Laurus Labs and Sri Krishna Pharma through to charities such as the Jinja Educational Trust

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