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Is your company's marketing communication as effective as it can be?

16th January 2024

Concise in getting to the point in communication and then repeating that message is often seen as a mantra that most selling communication needs to obey.

In this increasingly AI-pervaded world, one sees that this pattern of say it, say it again and then finally say it once more is a rule of the machine and politician. The problem with this is the actual message with its underlying truth can get distorted.

We all have to be extremely careful when putting out any messages and this becomes pivotal if linked to offers or issuing codes which link to online payment.

The art of writing the copy for any offer with a brand has to tread the line between subtlety and giving no ambiguity.

We have to always check the AI-produced text for its real meaning. The AI after all will not pick up the cost in image or real costs.

Business owners increasingly will need to put in place a system of external checking of the meaning of communication outside the organisation.

Put simply at the flick of a switch the trail left by poor communication can be changed, masking the real cause of real losses.

Imaginarium Future can offer a comprehensive marketing communication health check where we will identify where and how your marketing communication can be improved to be more effective. Ultimately helping to drive sales or generate new business.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can carry out our marketing communication health check on your brand or business.

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