Fully Recyclable Sugar Cane Bio-Bottle

Recycling and upcycling are vital, but to improve our environmental future we need to use recyclable alternatives to plastics. Make a statement with your brand, either internally or with a national promotion, and replace your plastic bottles with sugar cane bio-bottles, and hopefully, the world will follow!

Here you can see a selection of the bottles we have produced and supplied to the Eden Project

Bespoke Design

Since launching the Sugar Cane Bottle, it has been a great success as a sustainable alternative to virgin plastic bottles with many bottles printed for clients such as the Eden Project, The Wave, Tata Communications, Sri Krishna Pharma, Royal Kew Gardens and many more…

With our in-house design studio, we can produce a printed design that gets your message over in your brand colours!

A Choice of Colours to Match Your Brand

Sugar Cane Bottles are printed with your design on the body and collar. The bottle/cap/spout are available in the colour options as shown. Custom PMS colours can be chosen on orders over 5000 units.

Environmental Credentials

The Sugar Cane Bottle is made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene which is derived from sugar cane ethanol, a renewable raw material. During their growth cycle, the raw materials used in Green Polyethylene absorb and repair CO2 in the atmosphere, significantly reducing greenhouse gases. This bio-bottle is fully recyclable as plastic code 4.

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