In 1998 Eden Cornwall was a sterile clay pit; today it is a living landscape full of life.

Eden Project‘s global mission is to create a movement that builds relationships between people and the natural world to demonstrate the power of working together for the benefit of all living things.

They are a growing movement, working on and developing projects locally, nationally and internationally. Their work is underpinned by the understanding that we need to live with the grain of nature and that everything is interconnected. What we do to the Earth we do to ourselves – let’s treasure and support a world we want to live in.

Eden Project’s requirement for Drinking Bottles for retail with sustainability and ecological balance at their heart led us to develop and manufacture two different styles of drinking bottles at each end of the spectrum.

Sugar Cane Bottle – fully recyclable, organic, sports bio-bottle made from Braskem® Green Polyethylene – a renewable raw material that is derived from sugar cane. These 750ml bottles are supplied printed with three unique designs by Eden – Cactus, Ocean and Tropical.

Stainless Steel Bottle – a product for longevity made from stainless steel but ultimately recyclable to become another steel product. The 500ml bottle is printed with a stunning Bee design and supplied in a recyclable Buzzy Bee gift box. Designed to keep your drinks cool for 24hrs and hot drinks warm for 12hrs. No need to buy bottled plastic water bottles – just take this bottle with you and refill instead!

Increasingly the products we manufacture and supply need to tick many boxes regarding sustainability and carbon footprint.