The Falconer Series of Books

Everything around us has a story. Whether it’s a tree in the garden planted by somebody years ago or the sun in the sky burning hydrogen formed as part of the wider milky way galaxy.

At Imaginarium Future we believe that a compelling story is integral to building a strong brand. Our creative abilities and mindset help us to create unique stories and artworks.

The third story is nearly completed, so we cannot say that the set is put to bed quite yet.  The Falconer series is set in the late Elizabethan period and current day the story switches from one-time zone to another. We find that a young reporter from Cumbria is writing a story on the prominent families of the county when she happens upon the Falconer’s family seat ‘Havilah Crag’. Events merge across time and we find that the spirit of a famous admiral still walks the oak boards of the house which sits on the shore of Lake Coniston.

Historical fantasy set with original art introduces us to a form of creativity that has the artwork created driving the plot.