Primopus Rebrand

A new brand logo with trademark search and initiation.

Our client had an urgent requirement for us to come up with a name which could then be registered worldwide in the crowded pharma space.

This needed to be done in six weeks maximum rather than the normal process which might take six months or more.

Traditionally a lot of time is lost in creating names which fall at the hurdle when you try to do the legal due diligence.

Uniquely we employed our search methodology to take out the brand names which could not be trademarked successfully. This left the creative options which could be justified concerning the objectives and culture of the company.

Primo refers to the need for ambition to improve so that you become pre-eminent in your business area. Opus is one of a number of works which are discrete projects…like music.

The trademarking of the name is done in consultation with specialists who we liaise with when we create the logo form.

We continue to work with Primopus on building their brand externally and internally.

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