Escientia Life Sciences Rebrand

Escientia is a global pharmaceutical company based in the USA, Europe and India. As part of our continuing work with Escientia, we have completed a full company rebrand. This includes a new corporate identity, logo, website, stationery, brand guidelines, corporate video shoot and much more

We took inspiration from the Fibonacci golden ratio when developing the new logo and corporate identity which you will find in science and nature. Using the illustrations of said Fibonacci spiral and images of natural manifestations of the sequence, we implemented the imagery across the corporate identity, yet more notably on the website, to create a visual harmony to emphasise the prevalence of this natural phenomenon occurring in nature.

Bringing nature and science together in one place – Escientia.

We continue to work with Escientia on building their brand externally and internally.

Click here to visit the Escientia website.